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2004 was one of the most photographed years for Kelly's big, beautiful Dodge. Here are photos from the Dodge's day at Fontana Raceway, where the Coronet got to tool around for three laps on the raceway where Titans of Speed travel at close to twice Kelly's top speed! In the Spring, the Dodge was parked next to ANOTHER BLACK 1958 D-500 at the Spring Fling in Van Nuys! In the Summer, a punk band named the Manholes posed with the befinned MoPar, and the last photo set was captured on a fall dewey morning, with the 1987 Honda nicknamed the "Roach", and Tom's 1969 Chevy Impala.

Day at Fontana (See and Read More).

Spring Fling Photos( See and Read More).

The Dodge with the Manholes( See and Read More).

The Cars in the morning(See and Read More).

Random Candids, Summer, 2004( See and Read More).

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